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Searching for facade cladding for your home, garage, or garden shed? Look no further than Aqua-Step. Our next-generation cladding is durable, retains its shape, and can be installed swiftly.

SPC outdoor panels: The future of exterior cladding

  • Weatherproof
  • Resistant to cold and heat
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Impact-resistant

In essence, Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) is perfect for exterior cladding. This robust and stable material, made from limestone and PVC, is finished with a SolidPaint surface. Through an extrusion process, it's molded into panels with superior attributes.

How do I install the outdoor panels?

SolidPaint Facade Systems' Outdoor Panels utilize the Click' N Screw installation system, which brings numerous benefits:

  • Seamless installation
  • Hidden fastening
  • Clean, seamless connections: for mounting, the SolidPaint Facade Systems are attached to a ventilated substructure. The panels are fastened to metal or wooden framework. Aluminium profiles - serving as corner, end, and starting profiles - are used for finishing touches.

For finishing eaves, dormers, reveals, and overhangs, Aqua-Step boards are available. These straight-cut panels can be easily sawed to any desired size. 

One cladding, multiple uses

  • Residential homes
  • Prefabricated buildings
  • Outbuildings
  • Commercial projects

Whatever your project, Outdoor Profiles are versatile, low-maintenance, easy to clean, and suitable for both new constructions and renovations. Thanks to its weatherproof SolidPaint EBC layer (Electron Beam Cured), it boasts excellent UV resistance in both color and sheen. Thus, your facade remains beautiful for years without needing paint.

Easy installation and modern aesthetics

How is it mounted? SolidPaint PVC Profiles are discreetly fixed onto a ventilated substructure. They're screwed to either a metal or wooden framework. Two-part profiles - used as corner or end profiles - ensure a polished finish.

The panels are available in smooth solid colors without wood grain and in wood decors. The wide design of these profiles gives facades a contemporary look.


Aqua-Step® est une marque de HDM. Basée à Peer, en Belgique, l’entreprise développe et distribue depuis 1989 des produits en bois, en PVC et en SPC pour le marché professionnel et le marché du bricolage en Europe. 

Aqua-Step développe des produits en SPC pour les sols, les murs, les plafonds et les façades. SPC est l’acronyme de « Stone Polymer Composite » : un substrat composé en grande partie de calcaire et d’un petit pourcentage de PVC. Il s’agit d’un lambris stable et étanche, qui convient aux applications intérieures et extérieures.

Découvrez les produits exclusifs Aqua-Step® Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) pour sol, mur, plafond et façade : durables, 100 % étanches, indéformables et rapides à installer.