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Tiles are not merely aesthetically pleasing; they also boast an array of pragmatic benefits. Often, they are the first consideration when one is contemplating a bathroom renovation or enhancing a kitchen space. But what renders tiles so indispensable? In this exposition, we shall explore the manifold dimensions of tiles, ranging from material selections to maintenance protocols.

Assorted Types of Tiles: A Panorama of Options

The marketplace is replete with a diverse array of tile types, including ceramic tiles, natural stone, porcelain, and more. Each variant possesses its own distinctive characteristics. For instance, we offer SPC tiles that are ideally suited for humid environments such as bathrooms, whereas natural stone is commonly employed in outdoor spaces. The selection of a particular type of tile hinges on both aesthetic and functional considerations.

The Significance of Proficient Tile Grouting

An element frequently overlooked is the vital importance of proficient grouting between tiles. Grouts ought to be water-resistant and should harmonize seamlessly with the color and style of the adjacent tiles. This not only ensures a polished finish but also augments the longevity of your tile surface. Through our convenient click-lock system, the seams are impeccably integrated into the surface.

Tile Maintenance: Guidelines for Sustained Durability

Tiles are relatively uncomplicated to maintain. Routine sweeping and occasional mopping generally suffice. However, certain types of tiles, such as natural stone, necessitate specialized maintenance products. Therefore, it is imperative to be thoroughly educated about the tile variant you opt for, along with the maintenance requisites it entails. Our SPC tiles are effortlessly cleanable; for more details, refer to our blog.

Sustainability in Tiles: An Eco-Friendly Choice?

An increasing number of manufacturers, ourselves included, are offering sustainable tile options. These are not only composed of recycled or sustainable materials but also possess an extended lifespan. If sustainability is a priority for you, pay heed to relevant certifications and labels that attest to a tile product's eco-friendliness.

Conclusion: Tiles as a Judicious Investment

Whether you are in pursuit of an elegant enhancement for your residence or a durable, low-maintenance surface, tiles offer a versatile solution. They are available in an extensive variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and with judicious selection and proper upkeep, they can endure for years to come.


Aqua-Step® is a development of HDM that has been developing and distributing wood, PVC and SPC products for the do-it-yourself and professional market in Europe from Peer, Belgium since 1989.

Aqua-Step develops SPC products for floors, walls, ceilings and facades. SPC stands for Stone Polymer Composite, a substrate consisting largely of limestone with a small percentage of PVC. It is a stable board that is waterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Discover the exclusive Aqua-Step® Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) products for floor, wall, ceiling and facade: durable, 100% waterproof, form-retaining and quick to install.