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Vinyluxe Supreme

What is vinyluxe supreme?

Vinyluxe Supreme represents a cutting-edge flooring material distinguished by its remarkable durability, aesthetic allure, and user-friendly nature. Engineered to substantially prolong the lifespan of your flooring, it is exceptionally suited for both residential and commercial applications. 

Embossed in register

Choose a Vinyluxe supreme floor if you want a top quality SPC floor. The extra long planks have a 4.5 mm SPC core and a vinyl top layer with an extra thick 0.5 mm wear layer. Wood patterns with ‘embossing in register’ (the embossing follows the wood grain), will bring class and atmosphere into your home.

The Advantages of Vinyluxe Supreme

• Durability: Vinyluxe Supreme is crafted for longevity. It is scratch-resistant and waterproof, making it an exemplary choice for high-traffic areas or locales where spills are a common occurrence. 

• Ease of Maintenance: One of the most significant merits of this material is its effortless upkeep. A simple mopping is often sufficient to restore its original luster. 

• Aesthetics: Available in an array of designs and hues, Vinyluxe Supreme affords you the flexibility to achieve your desired visual impact effortlessly.

Installation Process for Vinyluxe Supreme

The installation of Vinyluxe Supreme is generally more straightforward than that of traditional hardwood or tile floors. It can be laid directly onto a clean, dry substrate without the necessity for specialized adhesives or fasteners. 

Vinyluxe Supreme and Sustainability

Vinyluxe Supreme is not only robust in terms of wear and tear but also represents an environmentally conscientious option. Its manufacturing process exerts a lesser ecological impact compared to other flooring materials, and the end product is recyclable. 

Purchasing Vinyluxe Supreme

Whether you are a homeowner or a business proprietor, Vinyluxe Supreme offers a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly flooring solution. With minimal maintenance requirements and simple installation procedures, it stands as an impeccable choice for anyone seeking a high-quality flooring solution.


Aqua-Step® is a development of HDM that has been developing and distributing wood, PVC and SPC products for the do-it-yourself and professional market in Europe from Peer, Belgium since 1989.

Aqua-Step develops SPC products for floors, walls, ceilings and facades. SPC stands for Stone Polymer Composite, a substrate consisting largely of limestone with a small percentage of PVC. It is a stable board that is waterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Discover the exclusive Aqua-Step® Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) products for floor, wall, ceiling and facade: durable, 100% waterproof, form-retaining and quick to install.