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Aqua-Step in your bedroom Water drop

When it comes to floor and wall solutions for your bedroom, durability and water resistance are of paramount importance. Aqua-Step SPC is a revolutionary floor and wall option made using cutting-edge technology. Its Stone Plastic Composite core makes it highly durable, sturdy and robust without sacrificing integrity.

Black kitchen with white floor

Comfort Underfoot

Comfort is a priority when choosing bedroom floors because it directly affects your daily experience. The multi-layer construction of Aqua-Step SPC provides a comfortable cushioning effect, reducing the strain on your feet and joints. This exceptional comfort ensures that your bedroom remains a relaxing oasis, contributing to better sleep and overall well-being.

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Aesthetics and design options

Style and aesthetics play an important role in creating a captivating bedroom atmosphere. Aqua-Step SPC floors and walls are available in a wide range of beautiful designs, colours and textures, so you can find the perfect match to furnish your bedroom. Whether you prefer the timeless charm of wood looks or the modern appeal of stone finishes, Aqua-Step has it for you.

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Kitchen with anthracite floor
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Easy installation process

Choosing Aqua-Step SPC floors and walls means choosing a hassle-free installation process. The tiles and panels have a unique, user-friendly click system. This makes Aqua-Step an excellent choice for DIYers and ensures quick and efficient installation for professionals.

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Aqua-Step® is a development of HDM that has been developing and distributing wood, PVC and SPC products for the do-it-yourself and professional market in Europe from Peer, Belgium since 1989. 

Aqua-Step develops SPC products for floors, walls, ceilings and facades. SPC stands for Stone Polymer Composite, a substrate consisting largely of limestone with a small percentage of PVC. It is a stable board that is waterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Discover the exclusive Aqua-Step® Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) products for floor, wall, ceiling and facade: durable, 100% waterproof, form-retaining and quick to install.