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5 September 2023

SPC Cleaning: How to Properly Maintain and Clean Your SPC Flooring Water drop

Looking for an efficient way to clean your SPC flooring? Discover the best methods and tips for thorough cleaning. Read more!

SPC Cleaning: How to Properly Maintain and Clean Your SPC Flooring 

Is your SPC flooring in need of a thorough cleaning? Allow us to provide you with all the essential information for proper maintenance and cleaning, ensuring your SPC floor remains in optimal condition and delivers a flawless cleaning experience!
SPC floors for daily use 
SPC is equipped with a robust core and an advanced top layer, making them highly durable and resistant to scratches and wear. Additionally, the top layer is moisture-resistant. While spilling a drink or accidentally knocking over a vase can be easily wiped off, it's never a good idea to let water linger on the floor. 
Preparing your SPC floor is half the battle won. Ensure floor protection under table legs, in areas where your office chair frequently rolls, and place a mat near the entrance. This will prevent scratches when moving furniture and keep sand and other dirt from entering your home. Furthermore, consider taking off your shoes when coming home; with SPC floors and underfloor heating, walking barefoot or in socks provides a delightful experience! 
How to Clean Your SPC Floor 
To maintain its exquisite appearance, proper upkeep of your SPC floor is essential. Contrary to common belief, SPC floors require minimal maintenance. For daily cleaning, using a dry cloth can help prevent streaks and is suitable for regular use. We recommend vacuuming weekly rather than several times a week, making floor cleaning a breeze! 
Can I Mop SPC Floors? 
For stubborn dirt, occasionally using a well-wrung mop is necessary. Ensure your cloth is slightly damp, avoiding the use of all-purpose cleaners or green soap, which may dull your floor over time and cause streaks. Only use a mild cleaning agent specifically designed for SPC floors when mopping. For ink, shoe sole, or tar stains, removing them might be more challenging. In such cases, a powerful cleaning agent like acetone or turpentine is needed. Use these agents to clean the stains and then wipe the surface with a lightly damp cloth. 
Cleaning Products to Avoid 
We strongly advise against using chlorine, all-purpose cleaners, or green soap for cleaning your SPC floor. These products can lead to a dull appearance and streaks. For any further questions or the need for additional advice, don't hesitate to contact our customer service. We are more than happy to assist you!"