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Window sills

Are you in search of window sills that are not only waterproof but also seamlessly integrate with the walls of your home? Look no further, as our extensive range of window sills meets all your requirements! Whether you’re seeking a modern look or a natural wood appearance, our collection has something for everyone.

Why choose tiles as wall panels?

At Aqua-Step, we not only produce flooring and walls but also window sills. We aim for the same exemplary quality that makes our range so popular. Our window sills are durable and 100% waterproof, and what’s more, they’re easy to install. Explore our assortment of window sills now and find the perfect addition for you space! 

Wood-look window sills

If you have a preference for a charming wood décor, but at the same time, you want your window sills to be protected against moisture, even if you accidentally leave the window open during a rain shower, we have the solution for you: our SPC wood-look window sills. Thanks to the SPC core and vinyl top layer, these panels are 100% waterproof. This way, you blend style with functionality and enjoy durable window sills that meet all your expectations.

Concrete-look window sill

Just like our wood-look window sills, we also offer window sills with a concrete appearance. These panels are made from SPC, making them completely resistant to water. Furthermore, they come with a vinyl top layer, ensuring they are scratch-resistant. In our collection, you’ll find that the designs of the window sills also match our wall panels. This allows you to perfectly coordinate both, relishing in a stylish interior where all elements harmoniously come together. With this combination of materials and versatile designs, you’re guaranteed a beautiful and practical solution for your home décor.

Aqua-Step window sill: the benefits

Discover the advantages of an Aqua-Step window sill. Here are some key reasons to opt for our window sills: Superior moisture protection Durability: crafted from materials resistant to wear and long-term use Easy to maintain Seamless match with Aqua-Step decors Simple and quick installation Easy to cut to size Can be finished with matching edge banding With an Aqua-Step window sill, you’re assured of quality, functionality, and seamless integration into your décor.

Order SPC window sill online

When you order your window sills from, you enjoy numerous benefits. We ship your order to your home within 2 business days* for just €49.95! If you have questions or need advice, our customer service is available for you from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.


Aqua-Step® is a development of HDM that has been developing and distributing wood, PVC and SPC products for the do-it-yourself and professional market in Europe from Peer, Belgium since 1989.

Aqua-Step develops SPC products for floors, walls, ceilings and facades. SPC stands for Stone Polymer Composite, a substrate consisting largely of limestone with a small percentage of PVC. It is a stable board that is waterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Discover the exclusive Aqua-Step® Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) products for floor, wall, ceiling and facade: durable, 100% waterproof, form-retaining and quick to install.