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Aqua-Step Projects Water drop

Aqua-Step's projects reflect a blend of innovation, excellence, and the understanding of customer needs, ensuring that every space is transformed into a sophisticated and practical environment.


Landal GreenParks de Hellendoornse Berg

The toilets and bathrooms of Landal GreenParks de Hellendoornse Berg have undergone a complete makeover. Using our innovative Aqua-Step materials, we've ensured durability while elevating aesthetics. A well-designed bathroom not only adds value to a property but also enhances the holiday experience.

The products we’ve used:

  • Flooring: Aqua Click Tiles Nottingham and Norwich 
  • Wall: Aqua-Step XL Nottingham, Norwich and Dublin
  • Ceiling: Aqua-Step Boards Nottingham, Norwich and Dublin 
  • Window Sill: Nottingham, Norwich and Dublin

Assistentiewoningen Torenhof - GasthuisZusters Antwerpen

Architect Marc Van Bortel chose our Aqua-Step floors for the transformation of a care center into a home for people with disabilities. Marc discovered Aqua-Step at a dealer and was immediately impressed. This was due to the renovation possibilities, easy and quick installation, durability, and various decorative options of our products. Together, we are creating functional and beautiful rooms.

The products we’ve used:

  • Flooring: Vinyluxe Leeds en Aqua Click Tiles XL Brighton
  • Wall: Aqua-Step XL Brighton
  • Digital Print Panels: White Marble

Lot & Lou

Lot & Lou is a clothing and lifestyle shop for babies and children that was in need of an upgrade. As a result, we had the pleasure of enhancing the shopping experience by installing our Aqua Click Tiles on the floor. 

The products we used: 

  • Aqua Click Tiles XL Dover

Hotel in the citycenter of Amsterdam

We tackled the 3rd and 4th floors of the hotel and gave the bathrooms and toilets a personalized touch with our Aqua-Step Digital Print panels featuring our own design. 

The hotel chose our Aqua-Step panels because they: 

  • can be installed quickly and easily. This way, the room can be rented out again after just a short renovation period. 
  • are hygienic and easy to maintain. As a result, cleaning is quick and efficient, and the rooms are spick and span in no time.