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3 September 2023

8 Benefits of Opting for an SPC Floor or Wall Water drop

Considering installing a new wall in your bathroom or does your bedroom floor need a refreshing touch? Choose SPC. Read here why!

8 Benefits of Opting for an SPC Floor or Wall 

Are you considering putting up a new wall in your bathroom or does your bedroom floor need a refresh? Then the SPC panels are a good choice for you. But what exactly do these panels involve? SPC stands for Stone Polymer Composite, a durable and stable material that delivers better performance compared to many other materials, especially in warm and humid environments. This robust board consists of a combination of limestone and PVC, often with a vinyl surface. Some of the benefits of SPC include affordability and water resistance. We are happy to share with you 8 reasons why SPC is gaining popularity and why it is the ideal solution for you. 

What benefits does an SPC floor offer? 

An SPC floor mainly consists of limestone and contains a small amount of PVC, recycled material, and additives. Thanks to the unique properties of SPC, this floor can be easily installed in the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. Moreover, these panels offer numerous other benefits. Below you will discover what benefits this floor has to offer. 
Sturdiness of SPC 
SPC panels offer excellent dimensional stability. Thanks to the solid core, they are resistant to impacts and impressions, making them suitable for installation in any indoor space. You can trust that these panels are durable and robust enough to handle the challenges of daily use. 
Solid core 
Thanks to the high-density composite core, based on limestone, the panels offer impressive sturdiness. You can often apply these panels and tiles directly to the existing surface, even over old tiles. To be installed floating with thin underlay or glued. Both Vinyluxe and Aqua Click Tiles have a thickness of 4 mm, making them a solid and durable choice. 
Quality surface of SPC panels 
Aqua-Step offers a wide range of dimensions and decors for SPC products. Whether you are looking for Aqua-Step panels with a wood or concrete look, we have something for everyone. Thanks to the surface structures and high-definition foils, the panels are almost indistinguishable from natural panels and tiles. Moreover, the vinyl surface provides increased protection against wear and scratches, thanks to the durable, transparent wear layer. But that's not all: SPC floors also offer heat and sound damping, creating an extra comfortable and quiet atmosphere. 

SPC Resistant to Any Climate 

With its 100% waterproof properties and excellent weather resistance, SPC is a good choice for any room. These panels do not show warping or deformation and have minimal shrinkage (<0.002%). Moreover, SPC offers effective protection against surface molds and mildew, making it an excellent option for use in humid spaces such as bathrooms. You can trust that SPC panels are durable and can withstand the challenges of humid environments. 

The SPC Installation Process is Simple and Efficient 

The panels are easy to install thanks to the 4-sided click system. Unlike ceramic tiles, you do not need a professional for the installation. No special tools are required, you can easily cut the panels with a utility knife and break like plasterboard. You can easily get started yourself. For more information on the installation, you can check out this blog: "Installing an SPC floor: this is how you do it". Moreover, SPC is perfectly compatible with underfloor heating, making it an excellent choice at home or in the office. Want to know more about SPC and underfloor heating? Then read this blog: "Is SPC vinyl floor or PVC floor suitable for underfloor heating?". 

SPC Has Fire-Resistant Properties 

The Aqua-Step SPC floors have fire-retardant properties and can withstand temperatures up to 75°C briefly without damage. This provides extra peace of mind and safety in your space. 

SPC Contributes to a Sustainable and Environmentally 

Conscious Choice The SPC products are fully recyclable and do not cause harmful emissions. The production process is circular, which means no waste is generated and there are no harmful emissions. Moreover, formaldehyde is not used during the production process. By choosing our panels, you make an active contribution to a sustainable environment, where you can enjoy a beautiful floor without negative impact on the environment. 
Cost Savings 
The SPC floor and wall panels offer excellent properties at a significantly lower price than alternatives such as PVC and LVT products. With the ease of use as an extra advantage, SPC is the ideal choice for both professionals and DIYers. So you not only get high-quality, but also an affordable solution that is easy to install. Questions or advice? Don't hesitate to get in touch!