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23 August 2023

Herringbone Flooring: The Ultimate Information Guide Water drop

Give your bedroom the makeover it deserves and change the style of your living room. Explore the numerous possibilities of herringbone floors here! Read more!

Herringbone Flooring: The Ultimate Information Guide 

Appael to a pressing and rejuvenating transformation of your bedroom flooring, experience a novel allure for your living room foundation, or instill your dining room with an exceptional and refined design. In the quest for a floor that gifts your abode a completely novel and striking appearance? An SPC herringbone floor is the unparalleled selection for this metamorphosis! Delve in here to comprehend why. 

What is SPC Herringbone? 

Herringbone SPC meticulously aligns short planks at right angles to each other, fostering an elegant 'V' pattern. This pattern bears striking resemblance to a herringbone, offering a splendid and timeless design. The herringbone pattern infuses any space with a sophisticated and stylish ambiance, courtesy of its characteristic zigzag motif. 
The Timeless Herringbone Pattern 
The herringbone pattern hails from many years ago, with the ancient Merimde culture incorporating this decorative design in their pottery. Since then, the herringbone pattern has found its way into a vast ocean of artistic shapes and designs. To this day, the pattern continues to dominate as a popular trend across numerous interiors. Installing this SPC herringbone pattern endows your home with an authentic and timeless atmosphere. A significant advantage of this floor is that it is 100% water-resistant, allowing you to install it in any room of your home, including the bathroom. 

Herringbone Flooring: A Classic and Refined Choice

Bask in the pleasant warmth of an SPC herringbone floor during the cold winter months. In addition to its warm appeal and comfortable texture, herringbone flooring offers the benefit of compatibility with underfloor heating systems. If you are keen to learn more about the use of SPC in conjunction with underfloor heating, we recommend consulting our more specific blog: ‘Is SPC Vinyl Flooring or PVC Flooring Suitable for Underfloor Heating?’ Are you interested in installing a herringbone floor in your kitchen or even in the bathroom? It is entirely possible! Our collection of water-resistant SPC and PVC herringbone floors is specially designed for use in damp areas. With a durable SPC core and a water-resistant vinyl top layer, these floors offer comprehensive protection against water. In our range, we have the Vinyluxe Herringbone collection, available in four attractive decors: Birmingham, Newcastle, Oxford, and Leeds. 
The Enchanting Aesthetic of a Herringbone Pattern 
The carefully arranged herringbone panels, at a 90° angle, invariably invoke images of the grandeur of Viennese cafés, Italian opera houses, and classic theaters. They add a touch of timeless elegance to modern interiors, thereby creating an atmosphere of sophistication and allure. Our herringbone floors are manufactured from SPC vinyl, making them a robust and durable choice. They are suitable for various rooms in the house, including the living room, bedroom, attic, hallway, kitchen, and even commercial spaces. Thanks to the versatility of herringbone floors, you can enjoy their timeless beauty and functionality in any desired space. 
How to Install a Herringbone Floor? 
The installation of these stunning floor gems with V4 groove is usually undertaken by professional installers. However, thanks to user-friendly click systems, you can easily do it yourself! You have the option to float the floor using the Secura LVT Click Smart underlay or to fully adhere it. Please note! Remember that there are both left and right planks, denoted with labels A + B. Check out the installation video, replete with useful tips and tricks, to help you get started. 
Purchasing a Herringbone Floor 
When determining the cost of your herringbone floor, several factors come into play, including the area of the space and the required labor hours. Because herringbone panels have more cutting loss, it's necessary to order extra panels. Fortunately, the handy click system allows you to easily install the panels yourself, significantly saving on labor costs. An SPC herringbone floor, therefore, doesn't have to cost a fortune and is budget-friendly. By planning carefully and performing the installation yourself, you save significantly on labor hours and keep the costs low. 

Chose Aqua-Step for your herringbone 

Discover the perfect choice for your floor! Visit the inspiring showroom of HDM Living and experience the same sensation as in your own home! If you prefer the convenience of online shopping, that's no problem at all. We offer the option to order small sample swatches of the herringbone floors, which we mail directly to you. This way, you can leisurely examine and feel the different options at your own convenience and choose the perfect herringbone floor for your space. 
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